Top 5 Safest Sedans in the UAE

Sedans offer occupants space and convenience without the added bulk found in most SUVs.

This popular shape provides vehicle choices in all shapes and sizes with some excellent safety equipment available.

Read on to discover the top 5 safest sedans in the UAE.

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1. Tesla Sedans

Tesla currently offers two sedan models in the form of the mid-size Tesla Model 3 and the larger Tesla Model S.

Both Tesla sedan models are fitted with some of the world’s most advanced active safety technology, an excellent eight airbags, and all receive a full 5 Star safety rating.

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2. Genesis G80

Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis produces some excellent cars with all models in the range being fitted with excellent safety equipment.

The Genesis G80 is the most feature-packed car in our Top 5 Safest Sedans in the UAE list, with impressive equipment across the range and powerful engine choices to boot.

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3. Lexus ES

All Lexus models are fitted with a wide range of safety features with the Lexus ES sitting in a great position as an affordable luxury car available with four-cylinder, hybrid, and six-cylinder engine options.

The Lexus ES claims the title of having the most airbags of any car on this Top 5 Safest Sedans list, with most models also fitted with excellent active safety features.

Safety Assured Models

All Safety Assured Models are fitted with 10 airbags, crash warning, blind spot warning, and lane departure warning systems, with a full 5 Star safety rating.

Passive Picks

All Passive Picks are fitted with 10 airbags and a full 5 Star safety rating, but no active safety features.

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4. Volvo S60

Volvo’s commitment to safety continues with the latest version of the Volvo S60 – the brand’s mid-size sedan model.

A couple of engine choices are available across a range of models which are all fitted with a full suite of active safety features to accompany Volvo’s class-leading passive crash structure.

The Volvo S90 is also an excellent safety choice but we decided to use the S60 for this list due to more choice currently being available for this model.

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5. Toyota Avalon

Toyota’s flagship sedan will be a hit with those seeking the brand’s renowned reliability combined with a safe, spacious, and comfortable space for the whole family.

All versions of the Avalon are fitted with a powerful 300hp engine to get you out of tight spots quickly, along with 5 Star safety and a full suite of active safety features.

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