Car Discovery Platform Launches for UAE’s New Car Buyers

Simply New Cars launched in the UAE this week to give the country’s brand-new car buyers an invaluable tool to discover their next new car, based on the features and benefits they want their car to have, or the lifestyle they want their car to suit. This new discovery platform allows the country’s car buyers to search by what matters most to them, then explore and compare nearly 1,000 cars from all 60 of the UAE’s car brands.

The website contains the full information on every new car available in the UAE, along with pricing – a first for the region. “Everyone has that friend who they go to for car advice. We want to be that friend,” said Adam Whitnall, Simply New Cars’ founder and CEO. “Our goal is to save people time and money by not only giving them the information they would previously have had to visit the dealership to obtain, but also for them to be able to use that information to discover the cars that match their individual requirements.”

Simply New Cars has exclusive relationships with the country’s authorised dealerships to provide an unparalleled level of information to the UAE’s new cars buyers. Leather seats? Wireless phone charging? Colour? No matter what’s important to the buyer they can find the car that’s right for them. For people who aren’t sure what they want Simply New Cars offers a range of lifestyle search options as well – from the best desert drivers to the safest cars for the family – all which can be compared to discover the best deals and value for money.

How Do Real People Use Simply New Cars?

Malika was searching for a new car for less than AED50,000. She adjusted the budget slider to a max of AED50,000 and was pleased to discover 30 cars available. Hoping she may be able to get a car with the features she was looking for; she refined her search to only include cars with parking sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and a touchscreen display. Malika was presented with a small selection of cars that match all her requirements and promptly added them to her shortlist with a particular eye on the small SUV model.

Kate had been keeping her eye out for a new car for a while and has finally decided to take the plunge. She wasn’t sure where to start so ended up looking at the Lifestyle section and choosing the ‘Top Down’ option to view the 25 convertible models available in the UAE. The American muscle of the Camaro Convertible caught her eye, until she fell in love with the orange of the BMW 4 Series. Torn, she compared the two side-by-side and made her decision.

Ibrahim finally received his bonus after a payroll delay at work, and decided it was time to buy a sports car that he could enjoy on his regular trips up Jebel Jais. He knew his cars fairly well but wanted to be sure he got the most performance for his budget. Ibrahim logged into Simply New Cars, adjusted his budget, then went straight to the power section and cranked up the horsepower. Surprised to see more than 50 cars with 400hp+ available within his budget, he tapped on the power & speed section and adjusted the power-to-weight ratio to ensure only the fastest cars on the market made his shortlist.

About Simply New Cars

Simply New Cars helps people discover their freedom – by saving car buyers time and money through intelligent search options that provide information on every new car available in the UAE. Simply New Cars’ goal is to be the ultimate resource for the country’s new car buyers – providing a one-stop shop for people to discover, research, compare, and validate their new car choice to save time otherwise spent visiting showrooms, and save money otherwise spent through poorly informed choices.