Blind Spot Warning

Believe it or not, if you adjust your car mirrors correctly you should be able to completely eliminate any blind spots. Learn how here.

For those who want the additional peace of mind of an extra warning in case you do miss something then a blind spot warning system is a good thing to have.

Your blind spot is the area either side of your car that isn’t visible to you when you look in your mirrors or out of the corner of your eye.

Blind spots are incredibly dangerous as they can lead a driver to believe that the lane beside them is clear when it isn’t.

Blind spot warning systems work by displaying a visual alert to the driver to warn them that there is another vehicle in their blind spot.

This warning is normally displayed on either the wing mirror, the dashboard, or on the windscreen if the car is fitted with a head-up display.

  • Blind spot warning systems can potentially spot something that you miss
  • Like other driver information systems, a blind spot warning system can mean that drivers don’t bother to check their blind spot themselves. Drivers should always have a quick glance in their intended direction of travel even with a blind spot warning system in place.
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