CWS – Crash Warning System

A Crash Warning System (CWS; sometimes known as a collision warning system, collision avoidance system, or collision mitigating system) is a system that alerts the driver of an imminent crash with the vehicle in front, and often will apply the brakes automatically if the driver does not take action fast enough.This second feature is referred to as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).The systems use radar, laser, or cameras to determine that the car may be about to collide with the vehicle in front and to warn the driver through a visual, audible or seat vibration alert.Crash warning systems are one of the most valuable active safety systems currently in use, so much so that many governments around the world have decreed that soon all new vehicles sold in their countries must be fitted with such a system.Check out cars in the UAE with a CWS here.

  • Can detect an imminent collision often before the driver becomes aware of it
  • Crash warning systems are very effective at getting the attention of a driver who may be distracted
  • As with all such active safety features, there is always a risk that drivers will become complacent and rely too heavily on the feature.
Things to be aware of:
  • While current crash warning systems are very good, they aren’t perfect. There is always a chance that the system will miss something, so drivers should always ensure they are paying attention to their surroundings while controlling any motor vehicle.
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