EBA – Emergency Brake Assist

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA; sometimes just called brake assist) systems work on the theory that most drivers don’t press the brake pedal hard enough in an emergency braking situation.

Due to the fact that few drivers ever need to use the full force of their brakes most people are unprepared for just how hard they need to apply the brakes in these situations.

A lot of drivers can also be unnerved by the “bumping” sensation that is felt when the ABS system kicks in which can cause them to release pressure on the brake pedal at the wrong time.

An emergency brake assist system monitors both the speed and force with which the driver applies the brakes, and if it detects that the driver is attempting to make an emergency stop it will override the braking input and apply the full force of the brakes.

This type of system is one step away from Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) which will apply the brakes in an emergency without the driver even needing to touch the brake pedal.

Those interested in viewing just how fast most cars are capable of coming to a stop should check out some videos on YouTube of professional drivers performing 0-100-0km/h tests on cars.

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