MPV – Multi-Purpose Vehicle

An MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) is another term for a minivan, or people-carrier.

MPVs are designed to carry up to around seven people in comfort and safety.

They are normally smaller than a van, but larger than the average sedan or station wagon/estate, with a high  roof which makes it easy to take loads in and out of the car while giving all passengers plenty of space inside.

MPVs are targeted squarely at families, and usually have sliding doors on the side which are incredibly helpful when trying to take children in and out of the car in tight parking spaces.

They are often loaded with plenty of other family-friendly features as well.

What’s the difference between an MPV and SUV?

MPVs differ from SUVs in that they do not have the raised height or off-road capability of some SUVs.

MPVs and SUVs with the same amount of seats normally have a similar amount of interior space.

The lower height of an MPV relative to an SUV gives it a lower centre of gravity, generally making it safer at speed.

Despite this, most families in the UAE opt for an SUV over an MPV due to the added visibility and confidence that many people feel when in a higher seating position.

So should I choose an MPV or an SUV?

If the family-focused features, sliding side doors, and higher relative safety at speed are important factors for you then go for an MPV.

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If the added confidence of being in an SUV, off-road capability, and road-presence are important for you then go for an SUV.

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