Remote Start

Remote start allows you to start your vehicle without being inside it.Remote start systems are either operated by a button on the key fob or an app on your phone.At the tap of a button your car will turn itself on and start running which can be a huge benefit in the UAE during the hotter months as it allows you to cool the car down before you even step outside.Different systems work in slightly different ways – the traditional form of remote start requires you to have a line of sight with the car and be within 50-100m of the car, while more modern systems allow you to start the car using your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

  • Get your car cooled down before you reach it (even starting the car as you’re walking up to it can take the initial edge off the heat during the hottest months)
  • Allow your engine to warm up before you start driving (this is better for the car and helps ensure longevity)
  • Can help you locate your car in a crowded parking lot
  • Allows you to prank unsuspecting people walking past your car
  • Some systems require you to have a line of sight with the car which can limit the situations where you are able to use the system
  • Slight increase in fuel consumption through the car idling while not in use
Things to be aware of:
  • Your car will remain locked when started, and most systems will shut the car off immediately if someone attempts to drive the car and the system can’t detect the key nearby
  • Your car will only run for a short time before turning off again (the length of time it runs for differs between cars)
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